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Guide to the use of babysitter discount tickets

To support YNU staff members’ work and childcare, we provide babysitter discount vouchers.
Please check the contents below and submit the “Required Documents” to the Gender Equality Section, Diversity Strategy Promotion Headquarters.

How to get refunded (during April-Jun, every fiscal year)
The discount voucher will be available around June every year, however, even if you use the baby-sitter service without using a discount ticket,
you can still get the refund by the procedure below after July every year.

For detailed procedures, please check the website of[Cabinet Office]

Terms of use

Who can apply

YNU academic/administrative staff members that falls under ①and also falls under either ② ③

  1. Member of “Kyosai-kumiai” (MEXT mutual-aid association) or designated social insurances
  2. Single-parent family
  3. The spouse is unable to take care of the children.

Applicable children

  • Children from 0 years old to 3rd grade of elementary school
  • Children up to 6th grade of elementary school who receive a certificate of the physically disabled, a nursing certificate, etc.

Discount amount

Up to 2 sheets (JPY 2,200/1 sheets) per household per day.
※ Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection,special measures (relaxation of the maximum number of discount tickets that can be used) is underway.

Points to remember

  • Only when requesting childcare at home and transfer to a nursery school, etc. for working .(*1)
  • The user must be working when using a discount ticket.(*2)
  • Only when the fee exceeds 2,200 yen or more per time.(*3)

《Special measures: 2021 April (planned to be notified by Cabinet Office separately)》
Note: If you use this service in connection with the temporary closure of elementary schools for the purpose of fighting the new coronavirus infection, you will be eligible for special measures. Please check here for more details about the special measures available.

Use of discount tickets (per child)
・《Nomal》2 per day⇒《Special measures》5 vouchers per day
・《Nomal》Up to 24 per month⇒《Special measures》Up to 120 per month

(*1) A a general rule, the vouchers can be used for pickup and drop-off service when the following rules are met.
a.Transfer between home and day care center.
b.It is not intended to pick-up and drop off multiple children from the different households.
c.The babysitter reports in the written form the childcare record of the pick-up process and the conditions of infants, etc. to the parent.
d.It must not be a pick-up service at a childcare facility operated by the company to which the babysitter belongs.

(*2) If the babysitting time is outside working hours, confirmation may be made with your overtime record.
(*3)Excludes fees associated with the provision of services such as membership fees, transportation fees,cancellation fees and insurance fees.

About the income tax

Since April 2021, subsidies from the national and local governments for childcare (including subsidies for babysitter usage fees) have been exempt from income tax and individual inhabitant tax in order to support childcare.

Procedure flow

Apply for babysitter service

First, apply and make contract with a babysitting company listed in the All Japan Childcare Services Association.
※When applying, be sure to tell that you will be using a babysitting voucher.

Submission of documents

Submit the documents below to us by a week before the babysitting day.The discount ticket is valid from the day after the issue date. Please apply well in advance.

《Time until the discount voucher arrives》
Please pay the full amount and be sure to save the receipt.When you receive the voucher, submit the receipt and discount voucher to the babysitter company you used.
ACSA website (Japanese only)

Required documents

《When applying for the first time in the fiscal year》

  • Application form (obtained from the link below)
  • Contract or equivalent form (copy)
  • Applicant’s Health insurance card (copy)
  • If you have a spouse, documents certifying your spouse’s employment or illness / hospitalization (copy)

If there is no change from the content submitted the first time, you can apply by emailing the following items.

  • Applicant’s name(Name written in the health insurance card)
  • Phone number (In case of emergency)
  • Number of applications
  • Scheduled date of use
  • In case of mailing request Address need to enclose

*Note: (Only for those who wish to receive it by mail) You return envelope with a 84 yen stamp

Issuance of discount tickets

If you wish to receive the vouchers by mail or on campus,please return the “receipt” enclosed with the discount ticket after receipt.

On the day of use

  1. Ask the babysitter to fill in the blanks in the voucher.
  2. Fill in the Date and Time in the voucher.
  3. Separate the the “report stub” and hand the main ticket to the babysitter.
  4. Pay the remaining fee.

Report stub return

Submit the report stub to us within a week.

Discount ticket handling business

Usage guidelines If you need English application form, please let us know.
Application form Voucher application form

Inquiries and applications

Diversity Strategy Promotion Headquarters Gender Equality Section

Tel 045-339-3234