In order to detect challenges for the work-life balance, we conducted a survey targeting all faculty and staff members in early 2019 (337 responses, response rate 22.5%). Results show that 1) many people have important tasks in their lives and 2) that the awareness of the YNU efforts on gender equality is still insufficient. Based on them, we are underway to convey the basic policies and vision of the university as well as useful information regarding work-life balance.

During February to June 2019, All Nippon Diversity Network (OPENeD) led by Osaka University conducted a first survey on gender equality and diversity promotion targeting 800 universities and research institutions in Japan.

During the state of emergency declaration due to COVID-19, the Japan Inter-Society Liaison Association Committee for Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women in Science and Engineering (EPMEWSE) conducted a survey targeting researchers and engineers working at home. The survey collected more than 10,000 responses, and the results implies needs for new strategy and actions on gender equality eventually for scientific advancement.