Childcare / Nursing Support

Childcare support

You can check the procedure by linking to the “Guidelines for Human Resources-related Affairs”.(Documents to be submitted and related notification forms, etc.)【Japanese only】

Available system

Full-time staff

Part-time staff

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When you need support

Support room

Babysitter discount tickets

Guide to the use of babysitter discount tickets

Short-term care

If the university asks you to work on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, we offer daycare service at a nursery school on campus.
Details will be posted on the “Topics” on our website.

Mori-no-luna Nursery School

In April 2012, a licensed nursery school was opened on campus. The name was “Mori no Luna Nursery School” in the image of our university with rich greenery. This nursery school was opened as a licensed nursery school on campus based on requests from YNU staff members, Yokohama City and Hodogaya Ward to reduce children in the waiting list.In addition, we are promoting collaborations such as childcare training for students.

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